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Denim Jackets are Not Just for Casual Friday!

Dear Hearts:

As you may already be aware, when it comes to fashion, every day is a good day to look fabulous! Whether it is Monday or Friday, I take the time to make sure that my looks are fitting to my style and appropriate for the occasions, but there are some times when you have to dare and break the rules.

One of the items that is fun to wear is a denim jacket. The denim jacket is not just for casual Fridays, ladies. The denim jacket which is known as a rebellious, fun, and “good girl gone bad” item can be seen on bad girl rockstars like Rihanna, and super chic ladies like Carmen Diaz. Always in style and always part of a trend, denim is the go-to item for the chic and fabulous.

What I love about the denim jacket is that it can be worn with pants or a dress. Here are a few looks that I think the denim jacket looks amazing with:

The Maxi Dress

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Monday through Friday, you can never go wrong with the maxi dress. Add a pair of fun heels and your denim jacket and you can go from a day of work to an evening of fun!

Chevron Pattern Pants and T-Shirt

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Comfortably and fashionably run errands for the day in chevron printed pants, a really cool t-shirt and your denim jacket. This look is so casually chic that you shouldn’t be surprised if you turn heads!

What do you think of the denim jacket? Would you dare to wear to the office?

Until next week, happy Friday!

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