Valentines Girl

If We Own the Story, then We Get to Write the Ending!

image1 (1)Dear Hearts:

Success is yours! You get to choose how you get it; you decide how it will happen and you get to write your own story.

Often times it seems life gets hard and you are dodging whatever is thrown your way. You may feel that you are never getting ahead or you are never advancing. Geesh, it seems like there is one thing after another and you can’t help but think, “When am I ever going to catch a break?”

Guess what? You get to choose when to catch that “big break.” Take charge of your journey. You get to decide how to handle the challenges and obstacles that are in front of you. You may not have a choice in what the challenges or obstacles are, but YOU get to decide how to handle it and how it will help you grow and enrich your journey.

This title motto is what I say when I coach my team on a smaller level of handling customer appointments. I always tell them to come to the appointment prepared with a road map and your idea of what you want to accomplish during the appointment. You get to control whether the appointment stays on course and accomplish your goals. If you don’t have a goal and plan in mind, then the appointment can be filled with customer complaints and disappointments. Be prepared, take charge, and get the job done!

When it comes to fashion, the same rules apply. Don’t let society decide what you should wear to the office or to the grocery store. As I sit here at my office with a full day ahead of me, I write this message to you darlings in a zebra striped top with a little black jacket. Is it corporate style? Not at all! I plan to get work done in the business world with a little fashion and style on my side.

It’s never too late, Dear Hearts! Write your story and finishing it with an exclamation point!

How do you plan to write your own story? Comment below.

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