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Be The CEO Of Your Style…And Your Success!

Business and Fashion Advice

Dear Hearts:

Your style and your success depend on how hard you are willing to work!

You have to take charge, you have to be accountable and you have to start now.

There is no sitting down when you are trying to make your dreams a reality. No, ma’am! If you are sitting around and waiting for all the stars and the moon to align so you can reach your idea of success then you may be sitting uncomfortably for a while.

You have to decide what it is you want and go after it! Make an action plan; set your goals, and start moving in a timely manner. Focus from beginning to end with short term goals in mind as these goals will serve as checking points to reach the end. Remember, you have to climb rungs in order to get to the top of the ladder.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Success doesn’t come to you; you have to go get it.” There is no one that is going to start doing for you. Sure, people may offer you opportunities, but you have to get up and get going. There is no one that can make you a success… that is for you to do.  It is the work that you put in that will create your success.

Grammy Award winning singer, Beyoncé, wasn’t just an overnight success. That lady had to work for her success and she is doing an amazing job. The same goes for all of our favorite lady entrepreneurs and successful icons. They had to bust their humps, day and night for their roles in society. I expect no less from you!

I relate the same idea of gaining success to your style.  Be the CEO of your style, dress and feel confident in what it is you like to wear. If you like mixing patterns but wonder what people will think, stop! If you are satisfied and confident in your look, then nothing and no one else’s opinion matters. If you feel good in it, than wear it and rock it!

When it is all said and done, my little hearts, be the success that you want to be and do it with style!

Have my words been an inspiration to you? Is there a topic on business fashion or the fashion of business that you want me to discuss? Share your thoughts and I promise to get back to you!

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