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Fashion Necessities for Your Fabulous Vacation

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Dear Hearts:

When it comes to working hard, the best time that you can spend is on vacation. Whether it is at the local beach or away on a tropical island, a vacation away from all of the hustle and bustle of paperwork and meetings is much needed to clear your mind for just a few days.

While you are on vacation, you not only want to be relaxed, but you also want to look good while doing it. So be sure that you have all of the fashion necessities that you need to look good and feel good while lying on the beach or sitting by the poolside. Don’t forget to take those evening walks on the beach, delicious dinners, and enjoy a little dancing.

Here are a few things that I like to take on my trips that keep me happy and fabulous:


Sunglasses- A pair of really cool shades are not just for looking fab, but also to protect your eyes from the sun.

Sun Screen- While looking pretty, we have to protect our skin from harmful sunrays. Be sure to get the proper SBF number that is best for your skin.

Maxi Dress- What I love about a good maxi dress is that it can be worn day or night.

Fantastic Bathing Suit- A fantastic bathing suit is definitely a must! I love a one piece because it is always a classy choice. Choose one with great color and style that fits your shape.

Beach Bag- Carry your beach towel, sunscreen and other beach needs in a super-fab bag in a fun color that can match your entire vacation wardrobe.

Beach Hat- A good sun hat will not only be a means of protection from the sun, but it is also a stylish way of expressing your fashionable style.

Amazing Nails- I like to play it safe and leave my expensive jewelry at home so I make my nails my accessory. Add a fun and colorful nail polish that makes a statement on its own. Add a few designs for uniqueness.

What are some of your fashion necessities for vacation? Share your ideas.

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