Valentines Girl

Work Hard and Play Harder

work hard

Dear Hearts:

“Work hard, play harder” sounds like an easy statement to say and live by, right?

Not so much for me! If you are a small business owner like me or dedicated employee, this is one of the hardest statements to live by. It never seems like there are enough hours in a day to complete your tasks, so the work seems to never stop. To take a break would mean that the work will pile up and who needs that?

For me, detachment from business is difficult to do, however I am realizing as time goes by, just how much more of an effective employer and person I am when I take time to motivate myself by taking some time away from the hustle and bustle of business.

It is so important when leading a team to re-energize along the way. How can one climb the ladder to success and motivate others if they are drained and overworked themselves? They can’t, it can’t be done!

Here are some tips I have found helpful along the way when it comes to taking some time to relax, relate and release:

  • Remember everything will be there when you get back. Now that your mind is clear, you can handle task more effectively and efficiently with a clear mind and a straight focus.
  • Takes notes if needed. Write down thoughts or tasks that are worrying you. Sometimes it helps just getting it out of your head so that you can relax.
  • Most importantly, keep reminding yourself you deserve it! No one works harder in your business than you, so no one should play harder than you! You deserve the time away to go do something fun and relaxing!

So be sure to always relax in style and class. Dress your best, be fashionable, and be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished!

Do you take the time to vacation? Where do you go for a moment of peace and relaxation? Lets’ talk!

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  1. Julie

    This is by far one of the hardest things I struggle with! Justifying time away from work and enjoying it without stressing about when I get back to work, all the things to catch up on and take care of, I sometimes dread vacation, because I know what is waiting for me when I get back……work work work! I will do my best to try harder next trip to relax and enjoy :).


    • The work will never go away, it will always be there waiting for you, it will never forget to track you down, it won’t get lost, so enjoy and re-energize so you can come back refreshed! You will be more efficient with the work too when you get back 🙂 try it out, baby steps will get you there!


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