Valentines Girl

There Is No Elevator To Success So You Have To Take The Stairs…

Valentines Girl

Dear Hearts,

Wouldn’t it be amazing to jump in an elevator, push a single button and rise to the top of your career in a matter of minutes? Unless you are extremely lucky, success and goals do not happen this way. There is a lot of learning ahead and sometimes that learning comes with life lessons that may be hard to swallow but necessary to absorb.

The most rewarding accomplishments come from the biggest challenges and struggles you go through in life. Challenges and struggles are stepping stones in your journey to the top of your career. If life challenges were all easy, then your accomplishments would never be as rewarding. Embrace them, learn from them, put them in your fashionable purse and then move on!

On your stairway to success it is so important to stop and take a look back at the steps that you have climbed to get where you are. Every challenge, every lesson, every job, should be counted. You have learned from every experience and look at where you are!

Are you at the top? Awesome! Are you somewhere in the middle? That is fine too. Look at what you have accomplished and be proud of yourself. Don’t get discouraged, never give up. You are halfway to your goal so keep moving!

When you take time to reflect on those stairs you have climbed, it gives you confidence and drives you to climb to the very next level—sometimes with more speed and accuracy.

The sky is the limit in life so create your own path, build your own stairway, and become who you are destined to be!

The key to your success is to always remember to be your best and look your best while climbing your ladder to success. You never know who you are inspiring or motivating along the way.

P.S. Don’t forget your fashionable shoes!

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