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“Normal Can Be So Boring”- Wisdom from Marilyn Monroe

casey marilyn

Dear Hearts,

When I read that Marilyn Monroe quote it rang in my head like a million bells going off. I have never been a normal gal because being normal is not being noticed.

  • Just imagine, if Marilyn would have been so concerned about her weight, would we know her for the iconic dress blowing up in the air?
  • If she played the normal role, would we have seen her face in the movies?
  • If she remained a normal gal, would she have sung that sultry “Happy Birthday” to the then president, John F. Kennedy?

Okay, you get my point. Normal does not always get the success that you think you deserve, but sometimes thinking outside the box get you the well-deserved attention you want and need to seal the deal to success.


Let’s start with the normal idea of dress in the corporate office. It is expected that women wear a white blouse and a navy blue or black suit if she wants to be taken seriously amongst men. I say that the best way to be ignored is to think and dresses like the norm.

Here are a few tips that I have for impressing your potential clients or employers and leaving a lasting impression when you walk into the boardroom.

  • Throw away the concept that you can only wear a white blouse in the office. Opt for polka dots and florals to add a little pizzazz to your look.
  • If you like wearing a white blouse but want to add a little color in your look, choose to but color in your shoes or in your bag. Wearing colors like pink, yellow and red can be very pleasant to the eye. These colors will make people look and pay attention.
  • Interesting accessories can be fun. Opt for clever label pins, stylish rings, or a great strand of pearls.

Remember that no matter how you choose to be stylish, you must never be too distracting. Be comfortable and confident and what you wear and you will make a lasting impression.

Do these fashion tips help? Are you in need of fashion advice? Shoot me an email.

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  1. I just want to say, you are right on Casey! It’s always fun to be the different chick in a professional work place. I got so tired of the bank attire I had to wear…I couldn’t have any fun expression in my clothing. Thank goodness some employers are picking up that employees have individual personality! I love expressing myself with fashion and with everything else. It’s who I am. Thank you for letting us embrace our individuality with the way we dress!

    XOXO ❤


  2. Angie Pitts

    We all love amazing customer service right? We all want someone to make us feel loved and important, right? Someone to be honest with what we are doing, right? I want to share with all of you, what happened to me last week. I was going to an event this weekend that I wanted to look professional but with style. It is tax season right now and I have a lot of quilting to do too so I couldn’t go to Salt Lake to shop. Plus, I want to support our businesses in the valley, so I went to Color Me Crazy Salon and Fashion Boutique and what I got there was beyond amazing!!! Everyone that worked there said hello, how are you? With a genuine smile! Asked what I was looking for and helped me pick out clothes. Then Casey Kuckert came over and went beyond what anyone would ever even think of getting from the OWNER of business. Totally blew me away!!!! If you are looking for fabulous clothes, someone to boost you to a new level in so many ways, then get your hiney in and see what Color Me Crazy has for you! Thank you Casey and all of the staff! You all do a fabulous job and thank you for honoring me as your customer!


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